Solo Dental COVID-19 Protocols

Dear Patients,

We are pleased to see that the mortality of the COVID-19 outbreak is being curbed.  However, caution and safety is our upmost priority for our patients and staff.  Our practice follows stringent infection control protocol and cleanliness as set by the high standards of Dr. Deheshi and our Health Profession Authorities. 

With the reality of COVID 19 and other communicable disease our practice is taking the necessary steps and following all recommended protocols by the BC Health Authorities while continuing to provide you with the excellent dental care we are known for in a safe manner.

As a measure of our commitments we have continue to implement a series of protocols to keep you and our environment safe.

  • We will not be seeing anyone with risks of COVID 19 or other illnesses to help keep your environment safe.
  • We will not be able to see anyone that has travelled internationally in the last 14 days.
  • Stringent infection control protocols with recent updates with respect to COVID 19 and aerosol management are implemented.
  • Hand washing protocol will be emphasized and implemented as always.
  • We will be scheduling patients accordingly to minimize the number of people in our practice at one time.
  • Sanitation and sterilization protocols have and will continue to be utilized and updated with protocols to manage airborne diseases such as COVID 19.
  • Enhanced PPE and shielding will be used by our staff

Don’t worry, our staff will be your concierge and they will guide you through all of the necessarily steps that are needed to keep you and our clinic safe.  


The Solo Dental Team