• Needs-based Treatment

    Dr. Deheshi believes in a conservative and needs-based approach to dental treatment planning. Our goal is to improve your condition where needed and keep optimal oral health.

We understand that along with great oral care comes a cost and we do not want insurance policies to be an obstacle for you to get the treatments you need.  Our financial policy is simple and straightforward.

Safe and successful dental treatments are possible due the the high standards and regulations set upon dentistry by the Canadian Dental Association and the CDSBC.

All payments are collected on the day of treatment. We will provide you with all supportive documentation for you to be reimbursed by your insurance provider directly. We try to make this process as smooth and hassle-free for you as possible. The reimbursements are usually processed within a week, or sometimes the very next day.

Rest assured that Dr. Deheshi’s philosophy is to first listen to you about your goals and expectations. Using his expertise, Dr. Deheshi can formulate a treatment protocol that can help you achieve the goals that you are looking for and improve your oral health.

Your well-being will be our top priority!

Benefits of being financially reimbursed directly by your insurance provider

No Repeat Visits

Dental offices are third party institutions and cannot speak on behalf of a patient, which often requires you to come in the clinic multiple times to sign forms.

Patient Confidentiality

Under an assignment system, a lot of your and your spouse’s confidential information has to be shared with us, which creates a less than ideal situation in terms of your privacy.

Prompt Payment

Since you are the insurance holder as the patient, you get reimbursed extremely quickly – in less than 5 business days and often the very next day of the claim submission.

Third Party Expenses

Dental clinics operate as third party establishments, which causes long delays in getting reimbursed compared to insurance holders.

Loyalty Programs

With the benefits of prompt reimbursement, the upfront payments will earn you extra points if you are a collector of loyalty points through any credit card provider.

Tax Receipt

In many cases health expenses can get credit towards taxes.  We can provide you with a tax receipt upon request.